Meeting the Fam!

Whilst the majority of the worlds cork oak trees (Quercus suber) are found in Portugal and Southern Europe), New Zealand does in fact have a few prominent mature Cork Trees. One of note is found in the centre of Nelson, whilst the other is located just North of Auckland, in Wenderholm regional park. 

So a couple of days ago, I headed along with some of the Corker range to see this magnificent tree up close and personal and to take a few pictures!

And this tree didn't disappoint! Situated in the carpark, overlooking the boat ramp this beautiful old tree was full of leaves providing a cooling canopy for the cars parked underneath. 

One of the first things I noticed was just how obvious it was when you looked at the bark that this was exactly like the cork we all know and love. The texture, and shape of the bark was just like it appears on your very natural cork board (albeit a bit smoother!) And how spongey and pliable the small pieces of bark were that I found lying on the ground. 

This tree was planted in the mid 19th century by Sir George Grey, a British soldier and explorer and 11th premier of New Zealand. What a fabulous legacy to leave a cork oak tree to the people of New Zealand.


Cheeky wee foot note.....Having spent over an hour exploring, photographing this fabulous tree, a lovely lady called Ann wandered over to ask what I was doing. Fast forward a few minutes of chat and she was asking to buy some natural and vegan friendly Corker products from me there and then! Just goes to show exceptional quality products always stand out!


Explore the Cork Oak Tree here



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