Shock horror! You can IRON cork!



SHOCK HORROR! You can IRON cork!

Not that I am a fan of ironing you understand, but you can actually iron your Corker items (if you so chose!)

There are a couple of rules around it which I will share shortly, but first you may ask "Why would you need too?"

Great question... well sometimes storing, or packing cork items isn't quite straightforward. You may have just moved home and everything was thrown into boxes. And when unpacking, you discover that your favourite cork handbag was placed at the bottom of the box with the heavy toolbox on top! "Ridiculous" you may shout, "Sweet Caroline don't be daft". But as far fetched as that may seem it happened to me. One of my adult men children decided that box was light and has space for a heavier item... on top!

So cork items can get me I know first hand.

So what can you do about it?

Firstly look at what area needs ironing. Where are the creases? It will probably only be a small area. No need to iron more than you need to hey!

Secondly ensure you iron on the reverse of the bag. If need be, add an extra layer (such as a cotton tea towel.) Do not iron directly onto the front of the cork. You may need to turn the bag inside out to do this.

Thirdly and most importantly, set the iron to a cotton setting which is a medium setting. Ensure you carefully position the iron, you don't want to iron in any extra creases!

And that's all there is to it!

Cork, the most incredible eco, sustainable, durable material in my opinion!


Corker x

(Eco Designs to Excite)





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