What does a Corker product feel like?

cork corkbark eco tactile vegan

Have you ever wondered what a Cork bag or purse will feel like? It's surprisingly soft and tactile to the touch.

It's similar to how suede or soft leather feels, but with cork, it's vegan friendly as no tree was ever harmed in the manufacture.


Corker bags, wallets and accessories bear no resemblance to the brittle cork boards we all know. After harvesting cork bark is left to air dry for around 6 months. The process to turn it into quality eco material suitable for making into bags and wallets is chemical free unlike leather production. 

The cork bark is boiled and steamed to ensure optimum elasticity. Heat and pressure are used to press the raw cork into blocks which are they thinly sliced to create the cork material. 

One of the fabulous traits of cork are the subtle patterns and characteristics each piece has. And because it's a natural material no piece is ever alike.

And that's we think is a Corker.




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