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About Corker

Cork is one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and renewable materials on the planet!

It was this knowledge that created the vision to launch Corker into New Zealand and Australia. 

With a love of fashion and the planet, cork accessories are a perfect combination for all the team at Corker. It's vegan-friendly, sustainable, lightweight and water-resistant. And it can be used to create some cool fun designs. Yay for cork being one of the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly and renewable materials on the planet!


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Sweet Caroline - your Cork Lady!

Founded by Caroline Connolly who is nicknamed Sweet Caroline by friends (ask an oldie if you are unsure of the song!), the vision was to create a stylish and unique range of eco-fashion accessories that not only look good but help our planet too. And that's something to sing about! And as music plays such a big part of Sweet Caroline's life, each product is named after a song, with a cork twist!

Caroline Connolly

Proudly New Zealand Owned

Proudly owned and operated in New Zealand, Corker has committed to sourcing quality eco-friendly products. We are a small company with BIG ideas! To introduce the remarkable green qualities of Cork to a wider audience.


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